Drilling Motors And Bits

Definition - What does Drilling Motors And Bits mean?

A drilling motor is also known as mud motor which is nothing but a PCPD pump (Progressive Cavity Positive Displacement Pump). The drilling motor is used to cut the hardened stones, any other solid material, pierce through the hardened grit, etc, and drill down. The motor is housed inside the drill string and its other end is connected to the drill bit which has teeth that cut through the hardened surface.

Valaq explains Drilling Motors And Bits

The drilling motor and bits can drill a hole in the ground either in vertical direction (hole drilled perpendicular to the surface) or in the horizontal direction (hole drilled parallel to the surface). While drilling, the PCPD pump make use of drilling mud, also called as drilling fluid which act as a coolant or lubricant during drilling process. Here the eccentric motion of motor rotates the drill bit to cut through the hardened surface. To increase the horsepower of the motor, the configuration of rotor and stator can be optimized to get desired drilling operations.

The drill bits used here are diamond impregnated that can cut the harder formations.

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