Downhole Tools

Definition - What does Downhole Tools mean?

Downhole tools are important set of tools & equipment used in conducting well drilling, well intervention & workover and well completion processes during the production of crude oil & natural gas from an oil well. All downhole tools are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can withstand high temperature and pressure conditions.

Valaq explains Downhole Tools

There are variety of downhole tools used in well drilling, workover and completion operations such as fishing tools, centralizers, drilling jars, drill pipes, tubular tools, shock tools, and many more.

The downhole tool are used in the BHA and helps in smooth production operations from an oil well. These tools helps in cost reduction in maintenance of oil well, helps in reducing oil recovery cost and if any equipment fails or got stuck in the bottom hole, these downhole tools are used to recover it from the bottom and replacing it. Downhole tools can be divided based on their work applications such as: well drilling; hydrocarbon formation & reservoir evaluation, well intervention; well completion in the E&P process.

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