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Chemical Injection Systems


Chemical injection system is the system which inject the chemicals into the process skids so that the performance of the primary process can be enhanced. Chemical injection systems are also commonly referred as chemical injection skids because the equipment and machines that injects chemicals are mounted on a skid which in turn can be integrated into the process skid.


Chemical injection systems find its applications in the production facilities of oil and gas industry either in upstream sector or downstream sector. In oil industry, chemical injection may be used in

  1. Reviving the production of hydrocarbons from the reservoir by injecting chemicals inside the reservoir, also called as Enhanced Oil Recovery technique.
  2. Preventing corrosion in the process equipment & structures.
  3. Well cleaning & Pipeline cleaning i.e. in removal of deposited viscous wax, asphaltene, etc.

A chemical injection system injects chemical at the required pressure of the system and houses set of various equipment that can be found on any type of chemical injection system, for example, the equipment that are commonly used in a chemical injection skid/system are tanks, pumps, valves, pressure control instruments, electrical system with a control panel to power up the skid.