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Downhole Packer Seals


A downhole packer seals are one of the key components of the donwhole equipment as it separates the production tubing and casing by certain distance and seals it so that the casing does not get damage when any downhole operations are conducted inside the tubing or production of hydrocarbons take place. These seals act as a well barrier protecting the casing and creating an A-annulus.


Downhole packer seals helps in sealing the region between the casing and the production tubing which has certain benefits such as:

  • It helps in resisting the movement and flow of corrosive fluids in the upward direction from the bottom hole
  • It helps in keeping the production tubing in place and absorbs vibrations and jerks.
  • Mitigates tube movement thereby helping in preventing damage to the casing and the oil well.

Downhole packer seals are designed in a such a way that when they are placed between the production tubing and casing, the seal should deform and at the same time it should have extrusion resistance to prevent loss of volume and the sealing force.

The key components in the downhole packer seals are:

  • Packer element
  • Upper and lower cones
  • Upper and lower V rings
  • Inner and outer casing wall