Dictionary of Polymer Terminology

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Intervention equipment


These equipment are also known as Well Intervention Equipment. The well intervention is the process of intervening the oil well in order to perform maintenance activities in the producing well or if the production is declined, in order to increase the production levels. The equipment used to perform well intervention process are called Intervention Equipment.


Well intervention is also known as Well workover. This operation is carried out when the well’s productive life is coming to an end or any well maintenance activities are scheduled. This process alters the well shape and geometry, performs well diagnosis and take remedial action steps and thereby helps in improving the production capacity from an oil well. Certain equipment are used to perform well intervention processes and are called as well intervention equipment. Some of such type of equipment includes:

  • Pressure Control Equipment
  • Slickline tools
  • E-line tools
  • Mechanical Plant
  • Thru-tubing technology
  • Coiled tubing
  • Braided Line
  • Snubbing equipment