Dictionary of Polymer Terminology

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PTFE Coating


PTFE coating is simply known as “Teflon” coating. This type of coating is applied on metals where low friction is there and metal is subject to high temperature. PTFE coating is always followed by primer and top coat that is why it these coating follow two coat system. PTFE in PTFE coating stands for “Polytetrafluoroethylene” which is non-stick fluoropolymer coating.


PTFE coating equipment are commonly found in our kitchens where non stick equipment are used such as non-sticky frying pans, cooking-ware, etc, needed for food grade coatings. The best properties of Teflon coating or PTFE coating is that it has extremely low friction coefficient, withstand high operating temperatures either cold or hot, shows good resistance to large range of chemicals and have fair abrasion resistance.The PTFE coating is also applied when the material has to be insulated from electricity, water resistant and resists UV rays.

Apart from use in cookware, industrial PTFE coating also find its applications in

  • Automobile industry
  • High strength cable manufacturing
  • Optical devices
  • Pipes, valves, etc.