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Ram Blocks


RAM Blocks are critical components of the blowout preventer assembly. This component is just placed at the bottom of the Christmas tree or top of the borehole so that it covers the borehole and helps in preventing the back pressure or kick from the reservoir thereby preventing the catastrophe to the cost intensive infrastructure.


RAM blocks also called as BOP Rams are the devices that are used in controlling the back pressure or kick from the reservoir by quickly sealing the top of the well in any such event of occurrence. These RAM blocks are the part of blowout preventers which covers the wellbore by two circular halves split down from middle. There are large diameter hydraulic cylinders which remain in the retracted position so that the RAM blocks (these two circular halves) are forced to seal the wellbore.

These blocks are casted from solid steel material and are fitted with elastomer components on the sealing surfaces. These RAM blocks can either be flat at the mating surfaces or have a circular cut design from the middle equivalent to the diameter of the drill string or pipe that goes inside the borehole. These blocks can be available in various sizes such as 7 1/16’’, 11 1/16’’, 13 5/8’’, 18 3/4'’, 21 1/4'’, 26 3/4'’ and 30’’.