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Silicone O-Rings


Silicone Rings are the O rings that are made up of silicone rubber. The silicone rubbers is a form of elastomers that are safe, clean and found its applications in medical, food and semiconductor materials as they do not impart bad odor or taste. Silicone consists of polymers consisting silicium, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.


Oil exploration and production industries work in highly corrosive, high pressure and temperature operating conditions which becomes important to use different type of seals that can suit the requirement conditions suitable for sealings. A combination of extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals and gases, abrasive media, high pressure and destructive forces, subject seals to the harshest environments in the world.

There are certain qualities why Silicone rings are considered in the harsh working conditions:
•They offer excellent resistance characteristics to high temperatures ranging from somewhere between -50°C to + 232°C.
•When these silicone rings are subjected to higher temperature, they have the capability to retain the properties of silicone.
•They are good resistance to UV radiations, hot air, any engine oil or any other lubrication oil, animal and vegetable fats, etc.
•Silicone is electrically resistant, conductive and flame retardant.