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Slickline Tools


Slickiline tools are those tools that are sent into the wellbore via slickline. A slickline is a long, steel, unbraided wire having a shiny appearance which is used to take the downhole tools up and down into and outside the wellbore. Slickline is rolled over a slickline drum that is operated by hydraulic pump by slickline operator.


Slickline tools are operated and controlled by slickline operators sitting inside the wireline or slickline truck operators compartment. The various slickline tools are generally mechanically operated & these mechanical actions are accomplished by operation of jars. There are two types of jars:

  1. Mechanical Jars – These are long, metal tubular piece that slides upto 75% to 90% of the sliding length. They provide hammering effect to the slickline tools.
  2. Hydraulic Jars – These jars are only used for jar up operations.

Other slickline tools are: Roller Stem; Pulling Tools; Gauge cutter or gauge rings; Lead impression block; Downhole bailer; Sample bailer; Stroke bailer; Hydrostatic bailer; Running tools.