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Tubing Hangers


Tubing Hangers are the wellhead components that are used in the well drilling operations or well work over operations. As the name implies, it hang and support the tubing string with the topmost tubing joint in the wellhead and help in sealing the tubing string inside the tubing spool. It also helps in performing chemical injections and hanging other downhole equipment that are passed through the tubing or casing inside the borehole.


Tubing hangers are used on drilling rigs on a wellhead platform either onshore or offshore. They are designed to handle the load of production tubing string once it is hanged on the tubing hangers and provide a tight seal inside the tubing spool. This also helps in providing a tight seal between borehole annulus and production area.

Other feature of tubing hanger is that when there is no Blowout Preventer installed on the top of the borehole, the tubing hanger allows nippling Christmas tree up and down. Tubing hangers comes with a fitted “H” type back pressure valve preparation that can soak in any back pressure kick from the production area in the absence of blowout preventer.

The material used in the manufacturing of tubing hangers is either alloys, or solid stainless steel as per API 6A specifications. The pressure ratings that these hangers can handle is 20,000 psi and its nominal diameter size ranges from 7 1/6 inches to 11 inches.