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Wireline Seals


Wireline seals are the equipment sealing components that are used to seal various downhole tools and other equipment that perform well drilling, completion and well workover and intervention procedures. There are wide variety of wireline seals that are used in the oil industry. All these seals have different functionality and are available in different sizes as per standard specifications.


Wireline seals generally have two or more components which work together in tandem to give an effective sealing functionality. Wireline seals helps in containing or controlling the high wellbore pressure that originates because of back pressure or kick. The downhole equipment are passed inside the borehole over the wireline and thus, wireline seals helps in holding the wireline tightly and do not let the downhole equipment fall when the wireline is being pulled out of rope socket. Some of the types of wireline seals used in the oilfield are:

  • O rings
  • Ram blocks or wireline inner BOP seals
  • Outer BOP seals
  • Packoff Rubber
  • Downhole vee packing
  • Hammer union seals
  • Stuffing box packing
  • Swap cups